President’s message

Since the creation of Modern Football (England, 1863) the Football Coaches have taken a prominent role. Be it in the process of codifying the first rules of the game, or in the most varied subjects related to the competitive and financial organization, underlying this activity. The sporting development of football, over the years, and the increasing demands placed on the most varied sports agents, with intervention in this phenomenon, have contributed to the enormous expression that today has in the world.

Some transformations in recent years have allowed football organizations to evolve and transform themselves to meet the new demands, in search of a striking feature in the professionalism of the whole human body of these organizations.

We are certainly in need of training and specialized requalification of sports agents, institutionalized at different levels of competition, in order to solve many of the problems that exist in sports associations, football in general and the professional football industry , in particular.

This new design implies significant structural and organizational changes, both in its legal framework as a club and / or sports limited company (SAD), and in the human structure itself responsible for the management of football.

The pursuit of excellence is not an impossible goal. On the contrary! It is the only alternative for those who want to succeed. Either we are excellent, or we fall far short of the intended professional affirmation. And be aware that it is not enough, for this, to be prepared for what is expected or to have enough academic qualifications. It is also crucial to be able to manage the unexpected and the turbulence of everyday life. Learn to do, doing. No pre-determined recipes. Today's solutions tend quickly to cease to be.

The principles and values ​​that guide us are timeless and, therefore, we must always associate them with our experience and knowledge, making them essential pillars, which will help us to reinvent forms of relationship and functioning, internal and external, capable of conducting to respond to new problems and to ensure the full satisfaction of the needs of ANTF members in a wide range of areas of intervention.

We know the qualities, abilities and skills, but also the values ​​and principles with which ANTF was created, grew and founded, and we know that this institution has demonstrated that it is able to overcome periods of adversity that have led to the strengthening of its identity.

We believe that only by being active, determined, combative and also creative will it be possible to achieve new solutions for the national representation of the class.

It is essential that we take the lead in class affirmation and continuous training (nationally and internationally).

We are concerned about the precarious situation of some colleagues, so it is fundamental to strive for socially more just solutions, in defense of the dignity and security of a class.

We defend that, with humility, availability, work, understanding, it is possible to reach the best solutions; with firmness, frontality and commitment, it is possible to emphasize the position of the Portuguese Coaches within the national and international sport!

Prepare ANTF for the future, strengthening it and deepening its nature as an institution created by trainers and coaches. We want ANTF to be a port of shelter, security and simultaneously an institution of modernity, project of the future and hope.

An Association to be strong can not waste resources and resources at its fingertips.

Being a member of the Association must be a Pride and also a responsibility.

Perks take forever to reach, and disappear just around the corner.


We exist to serve the Coaches!


The president,

José Pereira



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